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High Conflict Divorce is Toxic for Children

Protect Your Kids from a Toxic Ex


High Conflict Divorce is Toxic for Children

More  than 40% of children from high conflict divorce will develop mental  health issues and behavior problems. Signs of anxiety and aggression can  show up in preschoolers. As children age, symptoms can turn into more  aggressive behavioral problems like depression, anxiety, anti-social  behavior, lower grades, isolation, and suicide.

You can protect your children from a toxic ex.

In this 7 day program you will learn how to:

Talk to kids about sensitive issues such as abuse, addiction and neglect.

Define verbal abuse, including how to identify this sneaky toxic poison and safeguard your children.

Resolve conflict and keep a drama free zone.

Establish family boundaries which ensure that safety always comes first.

Create  a "Safety Nest" for your family. Learn how to hold family meetings and  set goals while creating a relaxing, safe, fun environment.

Build a "New Normal" lifestyle.

Help your children have a more positive relationship with your ex (if safe and possible).

At the end of the 7 day program, you will have the tools to protect your kids for life - PLUS:

Avoid psychologically damaging your children.

Develop a closer bond with your children.

Feel less stressed overall.

Create new traditions with your kids.

Gain coping skills for the entire family that last a lifetime.

Experience more joy on a daily basis.

Feel more peace in your life.

BONUS : Signed Copy of Nasty Divorce: A Kid’s Eye View

For just $29, you can have access to this online program that can help your family in your home. 

Do you want more personalized help?

In many cases, there is one parent that has (addiction, anger, personality disorder, abuse etc.) and co-parenting is difficult to do with them.   

In situations like these, protecting the children and creating healthy boundaries are key to a more peaceful and happy life.  

Marina can work with you to take full advantage of the things you have control over. 

She works with families to make a plan for better mental health and navigation of this new normal.  

You Can Change!

Nobody is perfect. Divorce brings out the worst in a lot of people. Perhaps you weren't on your best behavior?

You can change. Recognizing bad behavior is step one. Admitting you have these behaviors is step two. Changing behavior is step three. Step four is making it right with the person you wronged.

Need help? We are here to guide you.

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Marina can create and host custom events for law firms as well as their clients. 

She can lead tailored Group Discussion Groups. She holds regular Guided Meditation classes at Deep Ellum Yoga.


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