The Book - Nasty Divorce: A Kid's Eye View

True Stories

In this book, you'll find a collection of true stories from adult children of divorce. You'll read about heartbreaking Parental Alienation, abuse, and using children as pawns. You can find the book on Amazon books.

Could it be YOU?

Are you the toxic parent?

You can change!

Maybe you aren't the toxic parent...there is plenty in this book to help you. 

Maybe you don't know you are toxic -- read the stories - do you do any of these things. Even if you do -- you can change!

The Truth About Parental Alienation

It's real and it's child abuse.
The good news -- kids usually find out the truth and it backfires. 

Read real stories in this book.


About the Book

Nasty Divorce: A Kid’s Eye View will open your eyes to the true  life tragedy that comes with high conflict divorce. 

Author Marina  Sbrochi has been writing positive divorce advice for The Huffington Post  for since 2012. 

It was her post on The Lasting Effects of Talking Nasty About Your Ex  that sparked a firestorm of comments. 

Parental alienation, abuse and  mental illness are a common theme in many of these stories. After  reading this book, there will be no doubt in your mind, high conflict  divorce is incredibly damaging. 

You’ll read first hand things like: 

“My  mom trashed my dad all my life (I’m in my 50’s and he died in 2010, but  she still tries!) The result was me going through self-hatred, suicidal  thoughts, low self-worth, alcoholism, and always trying to achieve and  “perform” enough, meanwhile dating ALL the wrong men—for a long time!!”  

****** “The children (now adults) still go to therapy to deal with the  loss of the relationship they had with their mother.” ****** 

If Colleen  could summarize her parents divorce in one sentence, it would be this:  “It was more about vengeance than actually about gaining custody of  their children.” ******

 “Do you know what it’s like to listen to one  parent bash your other parent on a daily basis? It’s exhausting.  Although, for the most part, my dad has stopped — our relationship  continues to hang by a thread. Psychological damage like that just does  not heal overnight, instead it lingers and persists, perhaps for a  lifetime. I’m not over it yet.”